USDA Prime Meats

Grasch USDA Prime Meats

When it comes to quality the Grasch Meat Department is legendary — and it starts with one word: PRIME. Less than 2% of American beef earns the coveted USDA PRIME rating, and Grasch hand-selects the very best for you and your family. Have something else in mind for dinner? Our selection of poultry, pork, lamb and veal is extraordinary. We also can offer something out of the ordinary, like buffalo, goat, ostrich and wild boar. The butchers in our full service Meat Department are happy to wait on you — helping you to make your selection from the case and then cutting and trimming to your specifications. Cooking tips? We love to talk braising, broiling, grilling, marinades, roasting, rubs and seasoning. Sausages? We have varieties and styles to suit every taste — some are made right here in our own department. Our selection, standards and quality are unmatched. Stop by with questions or call with special orders: Grasch Meat Department, 262-782-9330.


Our PRIME beef is hand-selected from young, well-fed beef cattle. We look for abundant marbling and then age to perfection for juicy, rich flavor. We offer hand-carving and custom cuts for unmatched quality. Dry-aged beef, which has been hung to promote the breakdown of enzymes for the ultimate in tenderness and flavor, is available upon request.
For a complete listing of beef cuts and selections, click here.


Chicken and turkey. Capons, duck, goose and pheasant. Our all-natural poultry comes to you fresh from local farmers and suppliers in the Midwest.
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Ham & Pork

Baby back ribs, pork tenderloin, roast or chops on the grill. Old-fashioned, naturally cured hams. Pork is perfect for the occasion, and slow cooking yields the most tender and flavorful results.
For a complete list of our all natural pork and ham, click here.


Think you don’t like lamb? Try Grasch’s lamb chops or leg of lamb. (This is NOT your mother’s mutton!) We promise tender, juicy, melt-in-your mouth flavor.
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Veal that’s good for the environment, the consumer and the animals; Grasch offers you Strauss veal ( Firm, tender and velvety, Strauss has embraced open-pasture grazing to cultivate veal with superior taste and nutrition, while providing optimal care and welfare for the animal.